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The solid worldwide positioning of the brand Figueras comes as a result of over 40 years of dedication to international markets. The company positions itself as the leader in product development and custom-designed projects by offering the most suitable and personalised solution according to the needs of each project in which it is involved.

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Highly comfortable seat, designed for use in high-level VIP lounges, cinemas, stadiums, or in performing arts centers.

Individual seats, or configurable in rows, highly comfortable and generous in size are designed for use in high-level VIP lounges, cinemas, stadiums, or in home theatre rooms.

  • The incline of the backrest and footrest can be interchanged by two electric motors for each seat module, the operation is user-friendly, using a keyboard with four buttons located on the armrest of the seat.
  • When the seat is vacated and only after a few seconds, both the back and footrest will automatically return to the starting position.
  • The seat and the back are made by means of the Integral Form system.
  • The backrest cushion is ergonomically shaped, with a built-in pouch and headrest.
  • The back part of the headrest is protected by a rigid element which prevents scratches and damage due to heavy use.
  • OPTIONALLY, LoveSeats can be set up by arranging a combination of seats with arm Tip-up between groups of two seats.
  • All seats can incorporate cup holders.
  • OPTIONALLY the fixed sides can be incorporated into a generously sized turntable.

4300 RIVA logo
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