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Ultra Stereo Labs was formed in 1982 and has manufactured Stereo Cinema processors, and other motion picture audio and test equipment. Sound Associates have worked with USL since 1990 and supply cinema audio processors and sound system monitors to our customers.

USL have always been at the forefront of equipment development and frequently release new innovative cinema solutions many months or years ahead of their competitors. Their links and relationships with the film distribution and exhibition industry allow them to develop new products and innovations for cinema installers and integrators.


Digital Cinemas have additional requirements— specifically remote-level and remote-audio monitoring—that are not currently addressed by existing booth monitor products. The CM‐8E have been designed to meet this need.


  • Compact 2-rack unit.
  • Monitoring of processor or amplifier outputs.
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced to interface with modern amplifiers
  • Input levels for processor and power amp monitoring can be adjusted independently.
  • Bar graph display can be calibrated to the cinema reference level so projectionists can see the accurate auditorium levels.
  • DB25 and HD‐15 connectors for inputs and outputs.
  • Ethernet RJ45 connector allows remote viewing of bar graphs and live audio streaming to server rooms or NOC centers.
  • Monitor biamp systems with up to four subwoofers.
CM8-E logo
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