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Created from the ground-up, Q-SYS is a software-based platform built around an open IT-friendly ecosystem. It uniquely leverages the power of Intel processing, the robustness and mission critical reliability of a Linux operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards. This IT-centric layered approach allows QSC to easily migrate the Q-SYS Platform to other Intel platforms as they introduce new, faster chipsets, and to other off-the-shelf hardware. Furthermore, its usage of IT standard protocols makes the Q-SYS Platform highly extensible for future IT functions and platforms.

DPA-Q Series amps – 4 channel and 8 channel

Designed specifically for use with Q-SYS, DPA-Q amplifiers marry the exciting new amp technology found in the DPA platform with the powerful Q-SYS network processing and control system to create the ultimate audio routing and power solution for cinema sound applications.

The DPA-Q line includes three 4-channel models (DPA 4.2Q, DPA 4.3Q and DPA 4.5Q) and four 8-channel models (DPA 8.4Q, DPA 8.4Qn, DPA 8.8Q, DPA 8.8Qn), all capable of delivering robust, high-fidelity power to drive a wide range of loudspeaker configurations. By simply connecting the amplifiers via standard layer 3 Ethernet, the Q-SYS Core can route digital audio to/from the amps, as well as provide total control and monitoring of all amplifier functions. Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ (FAST) actively distributes total amplifier power across one, two, three or all four outputs, enabling amp channels to be paralleled or bridged for maximum current and voltage output.

Features :

  • Seamless Q-SYSTM integration with audio transport and control via standard Gigabit Ethernet protocols and hardware
  • Capable of providing up to 8,000 W peak and 5,000 W continuous
  • Flexible Amplifier Summing TechnologyTM (FAST) permits up to four channels to be combined for higher output power
  • PowerLight universal switchmode power supply with PFC for highest efficiency, improved audio performance, and low weight
  • DPA-Q models offer mic/line inputs into the Q-SYS ecosystem while DPA-Qn models are “network input only” to reduce system cost. All models provide touch-proof Euroblock loudspeaker connections
  • Eight bi-directional GPIO connections that can be used for analog or digital inputs or outputs to/from Q-SYS
  • Built-in energy saving modes ensure that the amplifier will draw the minimum amount of AC power while still providing outstanding audio quality
Download Datasheet - 4 Channel Download Datasheet - 8 Channel
DPA-Q Series amps – 4 channel and 8 channel logo
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