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Ultra Stereo Labs

Ultra Stereo Labs was formed in 1982 and has manufactured Stereo Cinema processors, and other motion picture audio and test equipment. Sound Associates have worked with USL since 1990 and supply cinema audio processors and sound system monitors to our customers.

USL have always been at the forefront of equipment development and frequently release new innovative cinema solutions many months or years ahead of their competitors. Their links and relationships with the film distribution and exhibition industry allow them to develop new products and innovations for cinema installers and integrators.

JSD-80D - 35mm/Digital Cinema Audio Processor

  • State of the art 96k sample per second hardware
  • SR and A-Type noise reduction is done at 24 bit 192 ksps to precisely match the analog decoding
  • Totally modular construction for easy servicing and upgrading
  • Supports 8 audio channels
  • One third octave equalization on stage and surround channels
  • Parametric equalization on the subwoofer channel
  • RS232 port for computer configuration of the processor
  • Fully balanced outputs
  • Compact 2 rack unit
  • Emergency bypass circuitry
  • Optional modules for 8 channel 32-96khz AES/EBU and 2 S/PDIF AC3 bit stream inputs

In addition to all the features found on the JS Series Processors, the new JSD-80 Series includes a host of features that support upcoming digital cinema projection.

  • Eight channel AES EBU input with 32K to 96KHZsamples rates on a DB25 connector
  • Two S/PDIF inputs with Dolby® AC3 or ProLogic on RCA jacks
  • Adjustable time delays to compensate for video projectors
  • Eight Channel discrete analog input on a DB25 connector
  • Two non-sync stereo inputs with surround decoding on RCA jacks
  • Built in Real Time Analyzer for A chain and B chain alignment
  • Built in signal and pink noise generator
  • Built in EX type decoder
  • Individual format volume levels
  • Seven channels of 1/3rd Octave ""Constant Q"" equalization
  • Parametric equalization on the sub-woofer channel
  • Integrated laptop graphical user interface for system setup
  • Eight outputs with active balanced circuitry
  • State of the art 96Khz sample rate hardware with 106dB dynamic range
  • Total harmonic distortion less than 0.015%
  • One microphone input on a DB9 connector
  • Automation on a DB25 connector or via RS232
  • Plug compatible with existing DA20 and DTS6 players
  • Hearing Impaired output
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