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Graham Lodge, Managing Director


Welcome to our latest Newsletter.


We are just back from a very busy, but very good, CineEurope show in Barcelona. Amongst the many product and industry announcements was the exciting launch of UNITIA (the United Theater Integrators Association). I am very proud to have been invited to join this organisation. 

And straight back into a Brexit Vote as well – that will keep the politicians busy for a few months and years while they figure out what happens next. But at least whether you were in the ‘Remain’ or ‘Brexit’ camp you still go to the cinema – and will continue to do so, we all hope.

While we were away SA completed the 9 screen Vue Darlington, which features a Sony R515 double stack projector and 8 Sony R510/R515 in the other screens. 


With many exciting projects due to start, we are really looking forward to the summer.

Graham Lodge, 
Managing Director





The show in Barcelona was up to its usual high standard – with more delegates, more studio support, more features shown. It was a busy trade show with lots of new offerings from equipment suppliers.


One new addition to the trade show was the appearance of UNITIA – a new international grouping of independent integrators who have come together. The aim is to strengthen our co-operation and collaboration between like-minded integrators and to pool our many years of experience and local knowledge to better serve our customers.

Sound Associates are delighted to announce that we have joined UNITIA alongside the founding members of Kelonik in Spain, Cine-Project in Germany and CineDigitalService(CDS) in France. Other new members announced at CineEurope were Cine-Project (Italy) and Cine-Project (Poland).

Other notable announcements from the Trade Show floor were:


MPS who launched their ‘OnCinema’ international delivery platform.


Philips announced their new line of ‘longplay’ xenon lamps (available from us!) which can reduce the operating cost per hour by as much as 50% as a result of much improved warranty lifetime of their lamps – please contact us for more details.

Sony announced the launch of the R510 Double Stack model which allows super bright 2D and 3D playback on medium to large screens with no lens changing. This uses multiple Metal Halide lamps for extremely reliable operation.

Barco demonstrated their Laser Phosphor, RGB ‘Flagship’ laser projectors and their AuroMax immersive audio solutions along with their Barco ’Escape’ format utilising three DCinema projectors for an ultra-wide immersive viewing experience – soon to be utilised for the upcoming release of Star Trek Beyond.

Harkness launched their new facility to laser scan the inside of an existing cinema auditoriums and produce accurate dimension drawings of the entire room – very useful for people considering installing an Immersive sound system but who don’t have accurate AutoCAD drawings of their cinemas.


Completed Projects:

Tate Modern

On Level One of what is now known as the Boiler House, the newly refurbished, Starr Cinema has a state of the art Sony 4K projector with Dolby Atmos.

Vue Darlington

This new 9 screen multiplex cinema has been fully equipped with Sony projectors. Screen one has a Sony R515 double stack projector for amazing 3D image brightness on a 14m wide screen. All remaining screens are equipped with Sony R510 or R515 projectors, Dolby CP750 processors, QSC stage and surround speakers and powered by QSC DCA amplifiers with DCM crossover/monitors.


Plaza Truro

WTW cinemas have created an additional 5th screen at their Truro cinema and asked Sound Associates to be involved in the specification, installation and commissioning of this new screen. The new 46 seat cinema has a private bar in the corner of the auditorium and has a Barco DP2K-6E projector installed in the ceiling void producing the 3.7m wide scope image. The sound system is mounted remotely in one of the existing projection rooms and the projector and Alchemy server is linked into the existing TMS system for easy operation.



The cinema is in a picturesque village in North West Iceland. When the rest of Iceland went fully digital 4-5 years ago, the community of Patreksfjordur was left with their 35mm projector but without any prints to show. That has all changed. Now they are the proud owners of a Barco DP2K 10S projector with an integrated Alchemy Server. We also installed a USL cinema processor with QSC power amps and speakers. (click here to read more)


Philips LongPlay

Philips have just launched their LongPlay digital cinema xenon lamps, with up to 50% longer warranty hours than standard xenon lamps. With fewer lamp replacements required, operating costs will be reduced. (click here to view full range of LongPlay lamps)

Contact us at to find out about the correct lamp for your projector and our attractive prices.


QSC Certification

QSC have announced a ‘Certified Theatre Program’ that enables cinemas with auditoriums built to the correct technical specification to purchase QSC processors, amplifiers and speakers at a very preferential rate and their cinema can then be branded as a QSC Certified Theatre. Please contact us for further details of this exciting and cost effective offer for both new and existing cinemas and how we can assist you through this process making the best choice of equipment for your cinema at the best price.



This year we have chosen two charities to support: Cancer Research and Macmillan Nurses. We have held a number of fundraising activities including cake sales, a quiz, Kate had a sponsored hair ‘redesign’ and now, as the Euros draw to a close, excitement is mounting as we wait to see who wins the office sweepstake and ‘guess the number of goals scored’ competition. So far we have raised over £470 for these great causes.



Staff News

Sound Associates  

“I was looking forward to Cine Europe this year. After a busy CinemaCon in Vegas, the expectation for Barcelona was high and I was not let down. With a very busy schedule I still found time to visit the trade show floor. The quality of the trade booths was high along with the knowledge and technical advice given from the suppliers. I would like to thank all that took the time to meet us."

Mark Foreman, Sales Director


Sound Associates  

“The trip to Barcelona was an eye opener. My highlights were the advancements in laser technology for both new projectors and retrofit systems, the very interesting solutions to replace Xenon and metal halide and experiencing Dolby Cinema for the first time which was impressive for its clarity and sheer size, combined with the improved brightness on 3D and the Atmos system.”

Will Phillips, Senior Engineer

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