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Graham Lodge, Managing Director


Welcome to our latest Newsletter


The last few months have been very busy and exciting. We of course had the inspiring and upbeat UK Cinema Association Conference in January, the first ‘Data’ day at the BFI Imax in Waterloo which illustrated the value of collecting and understanding customer information. The second ‘Technology’ day was held at the Empire (now Cineworld) in Leicester Square, where new technological enhancements and improvements were presented and discussed.

It was a great couple of days and really good to be involved in the second technology day through my connections with the BKSTS Cinema Technology Committee.

In addition to the annual conference in London, the UKCA hold regular Branch Meetings in various locations around the UK. SA are a strong supporter of these meetings as it gives us an opportunity to meet many of our customers face to face and to make sure they are happy with the installation and maintenance of their cinemas.

At the end of March Mark and I attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas and found a renewed sense of excitement from new strategies and new technological announcements. I was particularly impressed by giant LED screens that are in the pipeline from Sony and Samsung.

Sound Associates have been busy with numerous installations and cinema upgrades in far flung places such as the Falklands and Ascension Island and in locations closer to home including Twickenham and Chester.

We received some very complementary feedback from these jobs and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the engineers and office staff involved.

Graham Lodge, 
Managing Director





Completed Projects:

Storyhouse, Chester

This appealing auditorium first opened in 1936. It later became an Odeon but closed in 2007. Storyhouse are keen to remember the pedigree of this 100 seat auditorium with plush red velvet and soft sunken seating.

Sound Associates supplied

Twickenham Studios

This is the second theatre we are proud to have helped with at this post-production studio. We installed a Christie 4K projector along with a Dolby IMS2000 server.

As a true specialist in a very busy film-making environment, it was important to get this right first time. Picture Post Manager, René Taylor is a satisfied customer, saying: 'Sound Associates have been faultless from quote to calibration of Twickenham's new Christie 4220 4K projector and have been there every step of the journey easing our concerns and making sure we were getting exactly what we needed. No complaints at all.'


The excitement is building:

We will soon be equipping the new cinema in the 140-year-old Borth Chapel, on the west coast of Wales.



Brynamman Public Hall

This was a standard service under their Platinum Service Agreement, the difference it made was highlighted on their website:

“Eye-popping picture and crystal-clear sound is a huge part of our cinema experience. As film lovers, we never want to miss a single detail. William, from leading UK cinema integrators Sound Associates, has spent 2 days on site finely tuning, tweaking and polishing our digital cinema projection and sound systems to deliver maximum film quality to our audiences.” and is a reminder about how important it is to keep all equipment in top condition.



We continue to work closely with the SSVC, and it is the most distant sites that are particularly important to keep in top condition. Our engineers have been busy in Ascension Island and in the Falklands. We sent William to Ascension, being a slightly tropical environment he found various and interesting ‘ex-living’ animals inside the projector. Cleaning the optical path proved interesting but we completed it and made a massive improvement to the light level. This cinema is an important facility not only for the British Forces but also for the local population.



At CinemaCon, Las Vegas, we were very lucky to be given a glimpse of new technology offering superb image resolution, contrast and brightness. LED screens we are sure will be vitally important in future cinema design but at the moment they are cost prohibitive. But who knows what that price might be in 4-5 years?

QSC had an impressive tradeshow booth where they demonstrated fully integrated cinema with projection and sound technologies controlled with a Q-Sys Core 110F processor. QSC have been known for years as experts in the audio field, but are now showing what their audio control systems are capable of - very impressive. Please ask us for more details.


Dolby’s new Integrated Media Server IMS3000

This is a powerful piece of equipment that is very exciting because it combines the functionality of a server and an audio processor into a single unit, including Dolby Atmos capability.
It allows a cinema owner to build a new cinema with enormous capability and flexibility at minimal cost.


CinéDigital Manager®

Developed in close cooperation with projectionists and cinema owners, CinéDigital Manager® is a Theatre Management System (TMS) that combines all key features in a user-friendly tactile interface: Digital Delivery, KDM Management, Playlists Editor, Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting and more.


Sound Associates are proud to be a distributor of this impressive innovation designed by our UNITIA partners, Ciné Digital Service. See our website for further product information.


Leasing facilities:

If you are thinking of upgrading your projector this year you may wish to talk to us about our new 5 year finance package that includes Warranty and Support. The cost per month for a new projector and server can be surprisingly low and you can always own the equipment at the end of the lease period with a small final payment.

Call us on 020 8939 5900 or email for more information


Graham is Vice Chair of CTC committee

We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Graham Lodge, has been appointed Vice Chair of the CTC Committee.

The Cinema Technology Committee (CTC) is a subcommittee of the BKSTS (now also known as the International Moving Image Society or IMIS). It was started in the early 1980s and aims to discuss and evaluate new technologies in Cinema exhibition. We have members across the entire breadth of the cinema industry from image acquisition through post production, distribution, integration and exhibition. Graham will be working closely with Richard Mitchell of Harkness, who is the new Chairman of the CTC. "I am very excited by the new opportunities for CTC committee to make a valuable contribution to our industry" said Graham.



Great News!

With the help of exceptional UK box office takings for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (currently over £70m in total), March 2017 saw cinema admissions reach heights not seen for at least 46 years – that’s when records began



Staff Quotes

Sound Associates  

“The engineers have been very busy with a wide variety of work. We continue to carry out service visits to our Service Agreement holders, and of course there were the installations including Chester and Twickenham. As well as preparing for a multitude of new builds, additional screens and conversions for Vue."

Steve Case, Engineering Manager


Sound Associates  

“As spring got going, we became busier and busier. There is a definite desire for upgrading technology so cinemas can give their customers the best experience possible. We are finding that QSC speakers and the very flexible Q-Sys system are able to offer a solution in many configurations. We will of course always endeavour to find a combination of equipment that best suits the space in question and the requirements of the customer.”

Mark Foreman, Sales Director

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