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Graham Lodge, Managing Director


Welcome to our latest Newsletter

I am very proud of the work the entire SA team has done, sometimes with challenging deadlines, or when they needed to squeeze into inaccessible places or simply when they designed solutions when faced with apparently impossible venue shapes and locations.

Solving these kind of challenges is what SA is all about – every venue has its own unique and distinct challenges and our job is to come up with an equipment selection that is right for each individual scenario and then install it in such a way that it is reliable and easy to operate for many years. You will see below a summary of just a few of the projects we have been involved in since the last Newsletter.

Graham Lodge, 
Managing Director





Recently Completed Projects:

Galeri Caernarfon

Galeri Theatre Caernarfon has long been one of the leading arts venues in Wales, now, following a £4m extension, it will incorporate the only full-time dedicated two screen cinema in Gwynedd and Anglesey. There are two new state of the art cinema screens that sit alongside the theatre, offering a wide variety of content from the latest movies to event cinema together with conferencing facilities.

Sound Associates are proud to continue our long relationship with Galeri and we worked closely with Gwynn Roberts and his team to create workable solutions in the additional 800 m2 of space.

Both screens have been equipped with Sony 4k projectors, placed on platforms in order to make maximum use of the height available, QSC speakers, AP20s and Dolby Fidelio systems for the hearing and visually impaired. Screen 2 also has 3D facilities.

Sitting within Caernarfon harbour, this really is a venue for the whole community to enjoy.


Galeri Caernarfon

Ilkley Cinema, Screen 2

Following on from the huge success of Ilkley Cinema which SA installed in November 2015, a second screen has been built directly behind screen 1. With 41 seats configured from sofas and armchairs, once again, John Tate (Director) and his team have created a stylish, intimate cinema.

Just as in Screen 1, the new screen has a high-quality technical spec. We installed a Sony R510 4K digital projector in a pod, QSC and JBL speakers and an AP25 8 channel processor.

With the new screen, Ilkley Cinema is now able to be more flexible in the films it can offer, including independent films, Hollywood blockbusters and Event Cinema.

Ilkley 2

Machrie Hotel

SA’s odyssey around Scotland continued with our recent installation in the new Machrie Hotel, set among the sand dunes on Islay, in the Hebrides.

This is a prime location for golf, but the 47 room hotel wanted to offer a little something extra, namely a state of the art 30 seat cinema with the facility to show everything from Hollywood content to Blu-rays brought by guests.

We installed a Barco DP2K-6E compact DCI projector, on a slide-out shelf for easy access, QSC and JBL speakers, a Datasat audio processor and a Dolby Fidelio system for the visually and hearing impaired.

Machrie Hotel

Soho Hotel Cow Room

Following our successful refurbishment of the projection and sound equipment in the Charlotte Street Hotel screening room, Firmdale Hotels invited Sound Associates to reconfigure the projection room in the Cow Room in Soho Hotel.

We stripped out the 35mm projectors and re-arranged the existing 2 sound racks into one tall rack incorporating QSC Q-Sys audio routing, processing, amplification and systems control. And finally we created a new projector base that neatly houses the Doremi Server and Lansat unit.

Soho Hotel Cow Room

British Board of Film Classification

Sound Associates have supplied, installed and maintained the projection facilities at the BBFC since 1983. Starting with a pair of 35mm Cinemeccanica Vic 5s with double head and reversing facilities and since then, we have installed 2K DLP technology and now a Barco DP4K 19B.

The screening room is used to classify all UK released cinema content. It runs for many more hours a day than most commercial cinemas.

Royal College of GPs

Sound Associates recently assisted in a major project to upgrade the projection facilities in the 300 seat Brunei Auditorium in the Royal College of GPs in the Euston Road, London.

This impressive space now has the first Sony R815P laser projector installed in a commercial screen in the UK. The laser phosphor projector was specified by the client to ensure that there would always be good levels of light for presentations even with the lights up!

The Olympic, Barnes, Screen 3

This is a new addition to the highly successful Olympic Barnes cinema. It is a small auditorium (approximately 50 seats) in the basement of the famous old recording studios, featuring an ultra compact Barco DP2K 6E projector with the sound system located in a remote controlroom with a Datasat AP25 audio processor.

Barnes Screen3

The Regal, Youghal

Sound Associates are delighted to have been involved in the restoration and relaunch of one of Ireland’s oldest cinemas, the Regal in Youghal, east Cork. The Regal was originally built in 1936 and run as a family business until its closure in 2010. The new owners have spent £500,000 transforming this popular venue into a modern, relaxed cinema while maintaining the sense of heritage.

The building has retained the original façade and entrance lobby, but the picture and sound systems are state of the art technology. SA installed Sony R500 series 4K projectors in screens 1 and 2. All audio is 7.1, Screen 1 (137 seats) has a Trinnov Ovation system and screen 2 (62 seats) has a Dolby CP750. Screen 3 will be a multi-purpose space which community groups can use.

This is the welcome return of a cinema that has been a part of the community for so long and which now offers luxury entertainment with a hint of nostalgia.



The Flowerbowl, Preston is a new entertainment centre which is part of the Barton Grange Garden Centre and unlike any other. Sound Associates are proud to have assisted with the layout and design and then the installation of a 3-screen cinema that together with minigolf, curling, and bowling alley form an amazing new venue.

The cinema continues the unique character of the complex. The foyer itself is wonderful with real trees and an almost magical feel. Each auditorium has its own name and colour scheme.

All three screens have new, amazing technological solutions: Barco 6E projectors with Alchemy servers, all controlled by a Unique Rosetta Bridge TMS.

The sound system is also unique, based around QSC Q-Sys technology, with one DCIOH audio input device and QSC 8 channel amplifier per screen all controlled by a single Core 110 processor. This provides a 7.1 sound system in each auditorium with no traditional cinema audio processor required.

SA created a bespoke Q-Sys design that not only allows the showing of feature films but can easily be adapted for conferencing and event cinema. The entire system can be monitored and operated remotely.

New Products:

Sony SRX-R815 HDR-ready laser projection system with an industry-leading contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and brightness of 30,000 lumens for stunning presentation of standard cinema content on large screens as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) on suitably sized screens.

Sony SRX-R815

QSC DPM 100/300

This new cinema processor has Crossovers and monitor for bi, tri or quad amp. It is also available with HDMI input/output.

QSC Flyable Subwoofers

How we can use Q-Sys:

We have talked about Q-Sys in previous newsletters and also prominently featured this on our website, that’s because we really like what it can do as an Audio processing and distribution system.
How we can use Q-SysNow with the release of the DCIO-H input device and with a lot more experience in the creation of the Q-Sys designs that are unique for each installation we can now offer our customers a Q-Sys system that completely replaces the Cinema audio processor, monitoring system and automation control in one very cost-effective package.

Currently, we are working on a project to supply a Q-sys core that will supply audio, control volume and lighting control in 6 separate zones with an easy to use interface. The client or customers can select different playlists for any selected zone.

The 3 screen Flowerbowl in Preston is an example of the power of Q-Sys. It has a single central core processor and three DCIO-H units - one for each screen that accept the AES audio coming from the Alchemy server in each screen and then each cinema has its own 8 channel power amplifier. The Q-sys system provides an easy to use interface (see below) that allows all three screens to be controlled from a single laptop or iPad with full volume control, monitoring and event cinema control for live broadcasts and local BluRay playback.

The 3 screen Flowerbowl in Preston




Staff Quotes

Sound Associates  

“I am really enjoying my new role as Project Manager in what has been a very busy and successful year so far. Both my engineering background and communication skills prove very useful overcoming challenges while overseeing SA’s role when working with other contractors on site. I’m looking forward to meeting both old and new clients in the coming months while working on some exciting Projects."

Jason Hatswell, Project Manager


“I’ve only been with SA for 6 months, but one of the first things I was introduced to was Q-Sys and I rather got the bit between my teeth! It’s a great system and I’m discovering more and more things that we can do and control via Q-Sys every day.”

Daniel Travers, Engineer

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