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Founded over four decades ago, QSC Audio Products, LLC, is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio system solutions. Sound Associates have been specifying and installing QSC amplifiers for use in cinemas large and small for many years and now with Q-Sys we continue to deliver high quality cinema sound.

QSC introduced a full range of cinema speakers and Sound Associates is proud to have carried out all of the UK installations of their stage, sub-bass and surround speakers. The range now includes digital signal processing (DSP) and, again, Sound Associates have carried out numerous installations, both here in the UK as well as overseas.

In 2016 QCS acquired Ultra-Stereo Labs, Inc. (USL) allowing them to offer an industry-leading porfolio of sound processing solutions for the motion picture exhibition industry.


DCM Series crossover/monitors are a powerful solution for today’s D-Cinema audio systems for installations that use a separate cinema processor such as QSC USL JSD Series processors. The new DCM builds on the legacy of QSC’s DCP and DPM products to provide loudspeaker crossover and monitoring functions for Digital Cinema in a single integrated system. Designed to be used with QSC’s Digital Cinema Amplifiers (DCA) and featuring advanced Intrinsic Correction™ settings for QSC’s Digital Cinema Speakers (DCS), the DCM optimizes loudspeaker performance while simplifying cinema sound system wiring and configuration. The DCM 100 is configurable for passive and bi-amp operation of three screen channels, and the DCM 300 is configurable for tri- or quad-amp operation for three screen channels. Both models accommodate 2 or 4 surround channels (5.1 or 7.1). When used with QSC DCS Series cinema loudspeakers, QSC’s proprietary Intrinsic Correction adjusts for the intrinsic behaviors of loudspeakers, removing any anomalies from the equation of factors that affect measured response and, ultimately, the quality of sound. The result is optimal “out of the box” performance while minimizing on-site room tuning.

Less Wiring, Faster Set-up

The DCM 100/DCM 300 greatly simplifies system wiring and set-up, significantly reducing installation time and labor cost. Connections to DCA amplifiers for input and monitor signals are made through QSC DataPort VGA-style cables. Set-up is accomplished by a front panel USB cable connection, using menu-driven, DPM Manager software for configuration. The program includes a database of QSC Intrinsic Correction settings for QSC cinema speaker models.

Advanced Monitor Functions

In addition to audio monitoring of DCA Series* amplifier inputs and outputs, DCM 100/DCM 300 includes QSC’s exclusive “load fault” detection. It monitors all amplifier outputs and indicates any opens and shorts in the loudspeakers, providing confirmation that all amplifier outputs are functioning properly.
*DataPort connection also works with QSC ISA Series amplifiers, but will not provide open/short detection or standby function with ISA Series


  • Analog inputs accept audio from cinema processors or other 8 channel analog audio sources.
  • QSC Intrinsic Correction DSP settings for optimal performance of QSC cinema speakers.
  • Booth monitor with front panel control for easy operation.
  • Passive or 2-way crossovers for three screen channels (DCM100).
  • 3- or 4-way crossovers for three screen channels (DCM300).
  • Compatible with all existing QSC DCA amplifiers.
  • Bypass mode – routes audio around failed components to ensure that the show will go on.
  • Control and monitoring via Ethernet including full SNMP support.
  • Continued development of software and firmware will add new capabilities via easy updates.

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DCM100/DCM300 logo
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