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Founded over four decades ago, QSC Audio Products, LLC, is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio system solutions. Sound Associates have been specifying and installing QSC amplifiers for use in cinemas large and small for many years and now with Q-Sys we continue to deliver high quality cinema sound.

QSC introduced a full range of cinema speakers and Sound Associates is proud to have carried out all of the UK installations of their stage, sub-bass and surround speakers. The range now includes digital signal processing (DSP) and, again, Sound Associates have carried out numerous installations, both here in the UK as well as overseas.

In 2016 QCS acquired Ultra-Stereo Labs, Inc. (USL) allowing them to offer an industry-leading porfolio of sound processing solutions for the motion picture exhibition industry.

DCP 100

A Cinema Processor, Booth Monitor and Digital Crossover along with networkcontrol and monitoring of DSP, amplifiers and speakers in one integrated package.

Everything you need between server and amps.

QSC's Digital Cinema Processor, the DCP 100, builds on the legacy of DCM and Basis to provide all signal processing and monitoring functions for Digital Cinema in a single integrated system. The DCP 100 offers most of the features of the DCP 300 but at a lower price point for 8-channel systems that also don’t require CobraNet™ network audio distribution.

Designed to be used with QSC's Digital Cinema Amplifiers (DCA) and featuring advanced DSP presets for QSC's Digital Cinema Speakers (DCS), the DCP 100 optimizes loudspeaker performance while simplifying cinema sound system wiring and configuration. The DCP 100 covers cinema systems with 3 passive or bi-amp screen channels and 2 or 4 surround channels. The DCP 100 is also compatible with analog cinema processor formats including Dolby® Digital Surround-EX and DTS-ES and features an 8-channel analog input for integration with 35 mm audio systems.


  • Digital Input for up to 8 Channels of audio.
  • Network control and monitoring via SNMP.
  • Serial automation control via RS-232.
  • Analog Inputs for film processors, non-sync and Mic/line.
  • Master volume and full 1/3 Octave Graphic EQ on all channels.
  • Booth Monitor with touch screen control for easy operation.
  • Digital Loudspeaker Crossovers - three passive or bi-amp screen channels.
  • Compatible with all existing DCA amplifiers - thousands of DCA equipped screens are ready for full network monitoring and control.
  • Replaces the DCM-1, DCM-10 and DCM-10D for digital projection retrofits.
  • Dual power supplies with load sharing for seamless operation in the event of failure.
  • SD Memory card for quick unit swap - restores all settings.
  • Multiple Bypass modes routes audio around failed components to insure that the show will go on.

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DCP 100 logo
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