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Trinnov Audio is a French company founded in 2000. They are a team of engineers who are passionate about audio quality. They focus on developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of sound throughout the production chain until the end listener.

Trinnov Audio designs and manufactures preamplifiers and processors featuring exclusive loudspeaker/room optimization and 3D sound technologies for high-end Hi-Fi & Home Theatres, Professional Studios and Movie Theatres.


Ovation2 offers Trinnov’s patented digital room correction technologies in a package specifically designed for digital cinemas. It provides up to 24 outputs, going hand in hand with every DCI format.

By fitting the Optimizer technology into the Ovation processor, Trinnov compensates for the acoustic problems of the room architecture and immerses the audience into the heart of the audio experience intended by the director.


  • Easy setup of the whole loudspeaker management system.
  • Powerful Automatic Room EQ Algorithms.
  • Intelligent Digital Crossover Alignment.
  • High Performance Audio boards, designed and manufactured by Trinnov.
  • Remote Control via GPIO and Ethernet.

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