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Founded over four decades ago, QSC Audio Products, LLC, is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio system solutions. Sound Associates have been specifying and installing QSC amplifiers for use in cinemas large and small for many years and now with Q-Sys we continue to deliver high quality cinema sound.

QSC introduced a full range of cinema speakers and Sound Associates is proud to have carried out all of the UK installations of their stage, sub-bass and surround speakers. The range now includes digital signal processing (DSP) and, again, Sound Associates have carried out numerous installations, both here in the UK as well as overseas.

In 2016 QCS acquired Ultra-Stereo Labs, Inc. (USL) allowing them to offer an industry-leading porfolio of sound processing solutions for the motion picture exhibition industry.


Developed specifically for the unique requirements of professional motion picture playback, the SC-223 extends QSC's commitment to the cinema market. As a member of the DCS Digital Cinema Speaker Series, the SC-223 is a 3-way bi-amplified screen channel loudspeaker system comprised of two main units - the MH-1060 mid-high frequency and the LF-2215 low - frequency.

The MH-1060 mid-high system features a high output, horn loaded 10" (254mm) midrange cone driver and 2.4" (60mm) titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted to an adjustable pan and tilt bracket. The MH-1060 includes a passive crossover for bi-amp operation. The MH-1060 provides extended frequency coverage for the critical midrange band. A high power 10" cone driver allows operation as low as 300 Hz and the advanced phase plug coupling permits a crossover point of 2200 Hz to the high frequency horn. The ensures that most of the dialog range is reproduced by a single element, for unmatched intelligibility.

The LF- 2215 dual 15" (381 mm) low-frequency enclosure is designed specifically to address the extended low-frequency response required for cinema applications. The LF-2215 covers the frequency range from 35 Hz to 300 Hz. Close Coupled Woofers (CCW), with their tight spacing between woofers, improves coupling.

The SC-223 is designed for ease of installation. The MH-1060 components come pre-assembled to reduce field assembly time. Three bolts are all that are required to secure the MH-1060 to the top of the LF-2215 enclosure.


  • 3-way bi-amplified screen channel system.
  • MH-1060 provides 90° horizontal by +20° to -30° vertical coverage.
  • LF-2215 is constructed of MDF and is heavily braced.
  • Low-distortion waveguides provide highly articulate dialouge.
  • Shallow depth (20") facilities installation.

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