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XPAND 3D was founded in 2005 and provides cinemas with a range of 3D solutions that utilise standard “matt- white“ cinema screens – which makes the initial investment in 3D more affordable.

Sound Associates installed the first XpanD systems in the UK and stocks their 3D glasses.

Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses

XPAND Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses are made to fit the heads of the youngest cinema audience. Much lighter in weight they make every moviegoer’s experience in 3D an enjoyable event! Passive 3D Polarization Modulator has been developed to fit requirements of Passive 3D Cinema.


  • Bright, Low-ghost 3D.
  • Crisp, Sharp Image.
  • Heat-tolerant.
  • For 3D Screen Sizes up to ~ 58 ft / 18 m.
  • Simple, Easy to Setup and Use.
  • No Moving Parts Low Cost/Maintenance.
  • Compatible with Standard Polarized 3D Glasses.
  • Patent pending, Future-proof.
Small-sized Cinema 3D Glasses logo
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