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Sony offers exhibitors the best of both worlds: stunning 4K imagery and advanced 3D.Their 3D dual lens system presents two images to both eyes at once without triple-flash for more natural viewing. Sound Associates has installed over 800 Sony 4K projectors – with amazing pictures on the screen. The Sony system includes a sophisticated but user-friendly TMS with touch screen interface and a support structure that is second to none.

Sound Associates acts as a partner for all Sony cinema products – and Sound Associates has installed the first of the new Sony Entertainment Access Systems which is a revolutionary way of delivering subtitled performances to audience members with hearing difficulties.

Sony 3D lens for R320 projector

The SRX-R320P can deliver crisp 3D images to screens up to 50 feet (15 meters) in width at 4.5 ft-L brightness. The 3D projection lens allows full 2K resolution for the left and right eyes simultaneously, resulting in a high-brightness, high-quality stereoscopic cinema presentation that offers a more faithfull reproduction of motion in 3D, without the disadvantages of triple-flash technology.

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