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TMS 2000 Theatre Management System

The GDC Theatre Management System (TMS) is the ultimate next generation theatre management solution giving you centralized control over the entire cineplex. TMS-2000 offers TMS-1000 functions with over 50 new features and improvements. With these refined features, TMS-2000 automates and streamlines all theatre operations, making theatre management simple.


  • Complete Compatibility - GDC’s TMS-2000 is a flexible software solution that works with all major brands of digital cinema equipment. It is not bundled with any particular hardware and runs on majority of Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • Schedule Shows at Your Convenience - The newly designed Show Scheduler lets you track and visualize all your scheduled shows for the day. Import your schedules from more than 25 pre-qualified POS. Add and delete them on your theatre screen with ease. The built-in alert automatically notifies you if there’s an invalid KDM or missing CPL.
  • Faster and Better Performance - The start-up time of TMS-2000 is 13 times faster than TMS-1000. Your TMS experience has never been better.
  • Monitor and Control Your Screens from A Single Access Point - Now you can monitor every aspect of your cinema screens at a glance. The status of both projector and audio device are displayed with real-time information while the Project and Sound Processor Controller give you the control you need.
  • Restore Your Data in One Click - With SmartRestore, you can restore all your scheduled shows and relevant details in a click (this function only applies on GDC’s SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™).

Optional Features:

  • GDC TmsRemote - With GDC TmsRemote, a carefully designed app to control TMS-2000, you can now manage your cineplex from anywhere in the theatre and remotely control your daily theatre operations from a PC, laptop or mobile devices..
  • QualityManager - The award-winning QualityManager ensures the right level of projector brightness, crisp and vivid colour, and crystal-clear audio free from distortion.


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