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The solid worldwide positioning of the brand Figueras comes as a result of over 40 years of dedication to international markets. The company positions itself as the leader in product development and custom-designed projects by offering the most suitable and personalised solution according to the needs of each project in which it is involved.


Automatic folding seat, easy to maintain and extremely solid.

  • Centre-to-centre dimension: 54 cm.
  • Integral Form System: integrates upholstery and internal frame in a single compact block with no seams.
  • Mounted on two lateral metal structures incorporating a housing system for the ball-and-socket joint in which the axis fits. Enables the seat to be easily replaced.
  • The seats adapts to the specific slope of the floor at its base.
  • The seat tips up automatically by means of an extremely quiet double-spring systems which requires no lubrication.
  • Armrests incorporate a cupholder and present a “soft” finish.
  • Backrest, optionally, may have an HR finish, with a headrest integrated into the backrest.
  • Fire standards: complies with international regulations.

TOP5042.00 logo
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