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XPAND 3D was founded in 2005 and provides cinemas with a range of 3D solutions that utilise standard “matt- white“ cinema screens – which makes the initial investment in 3D more affordable.

Sound Associates installed the first XpanD systems in the UK and stocks their 3D glasses.

X103 - Non-Washable

Following the immense success of XPAND original Cinema 3D Glasses Model X101, XPAND is presenting the new generation of Cinema 3D Glasses that can – along the X101 – fill different needs of cinematic exhibition of today, while retaining all the benefits of the older model of the 3D Glasses.

XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses are HFR Ready!


  • Improved brightness.
  • 30% lighter frame and ergonomic design for long-wearing comfort.
  • Battery door locked, can be easily opened with a knife or similar tool.
  • Battery life: over 300 hours.
  • Wide 3D viewing angle – optimal 3D experience no matter where you sit in the theatre!
  • Ergonomic design for long-wearing comfort.
  • Active Shutter IR based.
  • The fastest shuttering speed eliminating headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain.
  • High transmission ratio for bright images.
  • Non sealed/non washable.
  • Non-foldable, replaceable arms.
  • Exchangeable nosepiece (large and small)Optional.
  • Anti-theft tag.
  • Black color (VIP version).


  • Standard CR2032.
  • Locked, but easily replaceable.
  • OVer 300 hours of use.

XPAND Warranty and Support:

  • 1 year limited product repair / replacement warranty.
  • Optional replacement accessories available.
X103 - Non-Washable logo
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