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One of Sound Associates first cinema relationships, Sound Associates installed the very first Dolby processors for the first Star Wars film in 1977. Since the 1960s, Dolby Laboratories has been a leader in audio innovation. Beginning with Dolby® noise reduction, a form of audio compression and expansion that reduces background hiss in tape recording, Dolby Laboratories has developed and manufactured many ground-breaking technologies for professionals and consumers alike.

In the cinema arena, Dolby have led the way with the introduction of “A-Type” noise reduction in 1965, Dolby Stereo for Star Wars in 1977 and their most recent product innovation – Dolby Atmos. By employing overhead speakers as well as surrounds, Dolby Atmos can create realistic and natural sound experiences that envelop and involve the movie goer. Sound Associates have installed Atmos in numerous screens across the UK, in multiplexes as well as independent cinemas.

Dolby has acquired cinema server leader Doremi, increasing the breadth of their offerings and expertise in the highly competitive cinema landscape.

System 131

Dolby® System 131 Screen Channel Speaker
Exceptional coverage, and amazing detail.

Utilizing our unique asymmetrical dual-entrant horn design, the new Dolby CS131MH mid/ high-frequency screen speaker delivers all the subtle detail and nuance expected in today’s immersive cinematic experience.

Coupled with the CS136LF low-frequency module, the CS131MH completes the Dolby System 131, a new cinema screen channel system capable of extremely effective and accurate performance in large auditoriums of up to 111 feet (34 meters) in depth.

The asymmetrical coverage pattern — 50° vertical with horizontal transitions from 55° at the top to 100° at the bottom of the waveguide — ensures optimized volume and throws to the rear seats with gradual widening and softening coverage for the closer seats. Very articulate, uniform dialog and soundtrack can now be enjoyed in every seat in the auditorium, rather than in just a select few.

Echoing the primary design features of the System 133, the System 131 utilizes advanced input plates that feature high-current, spring-loaded terminal blocks allowing quick, tool-free connection during installation. Unique flip-card electrical routing enables quick and easy passive, or bi-amped module selection, as well as individual or parallel low-frequency configuration.


  • Dual-entrant asymmetrical horn design allows for close driver proximity yielding improved pattern control around the crossover frequency and providing even coverage and volume shading for all the seats in the auditorium

  • Quality 2” HT polymer high-frequency compression driver exhibits superb performance in the articulation ranges

  • Advanced input plate featuring high-current, spring-loaded terminal block and unique flip-card PCB electrical routing, allows quick, tool-free connection during installation and easy selection of passive or bi-amp module configuration

  • Composite diaphragm, 2” mid-frequency compression driver couples in close vertical proximity to the high frequency driver, enhancing sensitivity, intelligibility and power handling

  • Preassembled horn design simplifies setup while reducing freight costs

  • Intuitive tilt and pan mechanisms can be used with laser aiming sights in the speaker horn. This provides quick and accurate aiming of the horn using a common laser pointer.

  • Optional BKT.FLR Floor-bracket kit (sold separately) facilitates the mechanical connection of the speaker stack to the auditorium mounting surface.*

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System 131 logo
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